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We Have Alcohol Detox Centres throughout the UK


Finding the right Alcohol Detox Centres can be a mine field for anyone. Luckily we have detox centres right across the UK. There is always a member of staff at the end of our phones 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Our prices are within the lowest 25% in the country yet our standard of care is second to none. We do help hundreds of people every year who are struggling with drug or Alcohol Addiction and now expanded our business to  help people with addictions to gambling, sex and gamming etc. Call for details. 


Most of our staff have all suffered from addiction from years gone by, and know exactly what its like to have an addiction and how hard it is to stop. We find people who have suffered from an addiction can be very helpful to aid people off an addiction which has been proven throughout many Detox Centres. All our programmes come with a free medical detox. You should never try to detox yourself or a loved one without medical advice from your doctor or a detox centre as it can be fatal. Also it is very dangerous just to stop drinking it you have a drink problem and again can be fatal.




A detox removes the substance from the body in a safe way. Weather it be alcohol or drugs. Some drugs do not need a medical detox but we do give medicine to the patent to restore there natural appetite and help restore there natural sleep pattern. These are drugs such as Cocaine, LSD (Acid), Crack Cocaine and Cannabis. A medical detox is based on many factors which include the age of the patient, the substance being taken, the amount being taking, how long has the patient been taking the substance, the weight of the patient and physical health etc. 


A medical detox normally takes between seven and fourteen days but in some cases can be longer. A medical detox alone will not be enough for a patient to stop substance misuse on its own as they have not got over the psychological aspects of addiction. This is why we offer residential rehab programmes for a period of time after detox. This can be anything from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on each individual patient. In some cases this can be longer. This is called primary care. We also offer secondary care which is available after 12 weeks of primary care. The idea of secondary care is to introduce the patient back into society. This can be for up to 12 weeks. 


If you need to qualify for housing you will need to do 12 primary care followed by a minimum of 4 weeks secondary care. Call us for further details on 0845 3881 543.  





ADUS Healthcare offers the following:

  • High quality drug and alcohol private residential rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse

  • A vast array of private detox centres throughout the UK

  • Fully qualified staff in every detox centre

  • All our staff are totally non-judgmental as they have all been there themselves

  • 24 hour support. Call now on 0845 3881 543

  • All communication with us is totally confidential and will never be shared with a third party. 

  • We have Private Residential Rehabilitation centres available all over the UK. 

  • We can also collect you from anywhere in the UK. 

  • We have no waiting lists due to the amount of clinics involved. 

  • We are in the top 25% of most affordable centres in the UK

Latest statistics from our rehab centres

  • 83% Long Term Success

  • 80% report significant or restored family networks 

  • 85% in gainful employment or educational training

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